Missing  Bad  #2

Missing Bad #2

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Raji By oblivionreb Updated Oct 15

**Book Two of the Bad Boy series**
Jane Mitchells has to  prepare to enter a new school with new rules. The first rule she learns is,
  There are no rules.
  Students control Briking High and only the strongest can get through the day without being shaken for money, beat up for money, or bribed for better grades. And the king of Briking High is,
  Rafael Cruz.

I really like your story. I haven't read the first book but I still get what's giant on. Keep up the good work!
"He scarified himself on the cross for me" I love the way you used that phrase the describe what he did for her.  "Rafa is being secretive as he always is" this helps me understand the characters although I havent even read the first book. Love it so far xx
I didn't read the first one, but I think I understand what I need to. It's interesting, and if I was better at reviews I may have wrote more. But I'm not, so I'm sorry I don't have much more to say. But good work.
VeIlichor VeIlichor Sep 24
Nice! I like the story so far, although, I was a little bit confused in the beginning and I thought you were going too fast, other than that I really like it.
bheatley bheatley Sep 27
I haven't read the first book so I was slightly confused but I still had a good idea what was going on. You wrote very intriguing and interesting characters and I'm actually planning on going back to read the first because I'm really curious about what happened.