Cliché - {Zayn Malik Fan Fiction Book 1, Cliché Series}

Cliché - {Zayn Malik Fan Fiction Book 1, Cliché Series}

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Zayn Malik.  Also known as, The Player. Girls fell for him, he used them and simply tossed them like a paper ball. He thought of girls as objects, not human beings.

Feelings. He never had them. He was heartless, as some girls would say.

Love. He never believed in it. He though it was a waste of time. Lovr didn't exist in his world.

Ariel Winters. Also know as the Class clown. Loved by everyone. She put a smile on everyone's face. Even the teachers that she would interrupt loved her.

Love. In her opinion, it was stupid. The only people she loved were her two best friends and her mother. 

What happens when these two people people cross paths? 

Well, let me tell you. It's nothing but trouble.

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Foodchills Foodchills May 04, 2017
Me when I ever meet Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, Nate Bateman, Dylan O'Brien, Colton Hayes, Francisco Lachowiski, Sean O'Pry, Shawn Mendez, Alex Aiono, Jason Derulo, Ian Somer, Paul Wesley, Harry Styles, Luke Hemming's, The Weekend, 
                              And may more Hot guys.
QueenKylaMalik QueenKylaMalik May 09, 2017
this room # seems to haunt me too much. My clasroom in 4th grade was 314. My last 3 hotel rooms were 314. One of my classes in 6th grade was 314...
jo_theDirectioner jo_theDirectioner Aug 15, 2017
I can't imagine Zayn say that so I'm just sitting on my bed, clutching the bag of chips and laughing my arse off. Okay nvm.
sloopysloop sloopysloop Apr 07, 2017
I like bagel with cream cheese and bacon or a sandwich bagel
jo_theDirectioner jo_theDirectioner Aug 15, 2017
Uh on full name means you need to shut up... So she better do that lol
the_writer_writes the_writer_writes Dec 14, 2016
You know,I already like you!My first crush was Taylor Lautner and my first romance novels and movies were the Twilight saga!