Playing The Player

Playing The Player

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Cheyanne Allman By ThatKidCheyanne Updated Oct 14, 2016

"I heard you are a player. I know you are a player. How about we play a game let's play a game. Let's sweet talk. Let's play fight. Let's talk 24/7.  Let's tell each other good morning and goodnight everyday. Let's take walks together.  Let's give each other nicknames. Let's hangout with each others' friend. Let's go on dates.  Let's talk on the phone all night long. Let's hold each other.  Let's kiss  and hug. And whoever falls in love first. Loses."  I tempted him as we stand in the  now deserted hallway.  I could tell he wasn't buying what I was selling. 
"And why would I say yes?" He asked crossing his arms. 
"Because if I lose I will do anything you want  me to do. Anything ."  I tell him. I immediately see his eyes darken in lust following my words. 
"And why are  you doing this?"  He asked his voice slowly growing raspy and thick.
"Because if I win. I will be know as the girl who got the school's player to fall in love with her." I  whisper softly.
" I'm in."  He says a glint in his eyes telling me that he has a plan.


My name is Elizabeth Wells.  I live in a small town in Montana  that nobody has ever heard of.   There is a population of less than 5,000. But even in a town that has more cows than people are high school some how managed to become just as cliche as all the others.  The popular crowed. The bad boy. And yes there is a player.   Jason (Jace) Hemming   He is your typical player.   He can get almost any girl he wants with a wink and his signature smirk.  And then there is me. The shy awkward girl. Who rather be invested in teen romance novel then going to parties. The girl no one really notice's and is invisible to most other kids her age.  I am tired of being that girl. So that is why I am making a deal with the player.  One deal that I am not willing to lose.  I am going to be Playing The Player

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livvyg1 livvyg1 Jun 30, 2017
If only that was his first name and the second one kebab😂😂😂
imogen_blue imogen_blue Feb 12
My two favourite people, luke hemmings and Jace herondale/lightwood!!!
XxPandacornsxX XxPandacornsxX Apr 06, 2017
It's kind of bitchy of her not to be friends with her just because she's worried about herself
Honestly-nobody Honestly-nobody Feb 19, 2017
I got a C in my French test the other week and my mam kicked off with my dad saying it's all his fault that's I'm not doing well in school and that I'm getting bad grades because my dad got me into football ( soccer ). Like a c isn't even that bad
crystalowllover crystalowllover Sep 02, 2016
That is literally the perfect description of me, except for eye color
kim1561 kim1561 Oct 10, 2016
At least ur getting a B in Spanish. I'm over here getting a D. Just because my teacher is mad that I'm half Spanish and don't even know any Spanish