Daddy Little Slut [ caught ]

Daddy Little Slut [ caught ]

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RonnieKutee_ By RonnieKutee_ Updated Sep 24, 2013

She looked up at him, and considered. On the one hand, she was still aroused but on the other she even more annoyed. She wanted more but she was getting tired of just playing around with young guys that didn't know what they were doing.

Before she could answer, the front door slammed shut and the sound echoed through her hall to her room. Jason started to speak, but she cut him off.

"Quiet" she whispered sharply. She froze as listened to the heavy footsteps as they marched up the stairs. Instantly she was filled with a sense of panic.

"You have to get dressed -- NOW," she whispered to Jason.

Taking her own advice, she slipped out of bed and grabbed for her panties, pulling them on quickly. "That's probably my stepdad," she added softly, "He's home early and he's going to be furious if he finds you here."

Jason started pulling on his pants as the footsteps got closer. Christy knew what was going to happen next. Her closet was full of clothes and there wasn't room under her bed...

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