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♡ By DroolWorthy Updated Nov 24

Because we all judge a book by it's cover.
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Cover credits : @Droolworthy

Title: You're Beautiful 
                              Author: QueenMelCrissy 
                              Genre: Fanfic 
                              Description: Fangirls wish everyday to be noticed. What happens when It actually happens?
                              Um, Selena in the cover plz:) (and Luke Hemmings of course:))
I love my cover SO much!!!! Thank you @DroolWorthy !!!! 😍👊🏻👌🏻👍🏻
Wait I'm back (: one more idea: maybe no people? Idk I imagined it w/o people but yeah
rfyfangying rfyfangying Oct 31
Title: Young Souls
                              Author: rfyfangying
                              Genre: Action
                              Description: a normal girl with a normal life. but behind the scenes she's someone else.
                              ideas: girl behind a mask/ or just a girl (like candid pics) 
                              thank you so much :)
CiraKira CiraKira Oct 24
Name of book: Alayna
                              Author: CiraKira
                              Genre: Fantasy
                              Description: A girl name Alayna who argues with a boy while on a journey and gets themselves lost while being chased by demons and all sorts.
                              Hope you take this order!!