Sizzling Knot [Completed] #Wattys2017

Sizzling Knot [Completed] #Wattys2017

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Neha By RangerOfLove Completed

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Dedicated to all girls who have male phobia.

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He stared at her with a questioning look on his face, and deciding that should be clear with him, from the present moment itself, she stated in a confident yet determined tone, "I hate Men".

"Come again!"

"I said I hate Men. Spelling, M E N". She repeated emphasizing on the spelling of the words loud and clear.

"Okay". He replied casually as if it wasn't a big thing for him, and made his way towards the large bed, which was decorated for their wedding night.

How many husband's would have ever given it a thought that the girl they got married to, would hate their mankind? None! Right. But what happens when the ever so calm and composed Tushar Rajput ends up marrying a simple, sweet yet sour Tina Dhanraj who doesn't hate marriage but she hates even the sight of men in the country for reasons known only to her? 

Will Tushar be able to win Tina? Will she ever open up about herself and trust Tushar? Bust most importantly will this marriage sizzle in the longer run or will it fall apart due to Tina's stubbornness and insecurities of her own formed opinions? 

It is always easy for a woman to win her husband because girl's are said to be the symbol of love; but it takes  Everything for a man to make his place in a female's heart especially when she has bitter memories haunting her at every juncture of life. 

Read ahead to witness a husband's unconditional love for his wife; and how he explains her the real meaning of a true successful marriage! 

Warning:- Not for people who don't have guts to accept the reality of the world. Read only if you are strong enough to  understand the real marriage vows. 

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yory93 yory93 Aug 25
Interesting plot 🤔😅 I might change my mind after all 😜
simran7239 simran7239 Jul 17
I'm so addicted to this book that I'm reading it for the third time😍😍
I do hate men, but I know the true meaning of marriage. It's why I am reading this.
Wow great beginning  if only my essays started like this! XD
wezyfeloh wezyfeloh Sep 11
This is really a good start... I can see the book being interesting even without going further
charlotte4u charlotte4u Sep 07
As a woman I understand this author's view point in this story. And I love the way the author explained in a few words the difference between the genders. Good read!!!