Certified Gryffindor Bad Boy!

Certified Gryffindor Bad Boy!

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Alekei Lee Smith By AlekeiAngel Updated Sep 25, 2016

Albus and Minivera had their hands full back in the day with the Marauders; Especially one Sirius Orion Black. 

Now Centuries later one Boy-Who-Lived-Turned- Rebellion is giving them a run for their Galleons.

What happens when Harry learns the truth? Will he take it in stride or is the Wizarding Realm in all forms of the word *Fucked*

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Meh the mean she is not with the wrong credit w us alternative people are the safest humans on Earth *smirks while looking at rings on most of my fingers*
KutesyKitty KutesyKitty Aug 07
Waitwaitwait....... Gabriel...Trickster...
                              Anyone else getting Supernatural vibes from this
Sirius wasn't even thought of when Tom Riddle was in school so how did that happen
Well you know crap will hit the fan when he goes back to Horgworts