The Sin of Lust [Black Butler]

The Sin of Lust [Black Butler]

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How do you do? By SeiyokuSeme Updated Dec 06, 2016

(Seme!Male!Reader- BoyxBoy)
(M/n) Yokubō. An incubus. Except, the difference is that instead of women, he goes after men. (Though he won't deny, that most of the women he's seen were in fact, beautiful.)

So, what happens when he runs into old aquintances and encounters many... interesting people?

Story Contains: By the title of this book, there will be a shit ton of smut. Not in EVERY chapter, but a lot of smut. This is a yaoi or boyxboy book. Plot? What Plot OOC(Out of Character), and etc.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the "plot"(whatever plot there is.) and oc's.

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"I'm also part cat" I love how that's randomly there. All I can think about it is screaming IM PART CAT! In the middle of fūcking.
*inhales* the sweet air of happiness mixed with fangirling *exhales*
You know you didn't need to put the part cat part for the tail i'm pretty sure or well mildly sure they have tails Incubus-s/Succubus.
                              And legit I feel bad for William Like cats tails have HAIR On them.
You know your gay if your saying things like "if I were straight.."
No. This shīts good. Really good. .......Inhumanly good jfc
My teacher..... bītch..... I'm already loving this book and barely anything happening rn..