The Equestrian Portal (An Mlp Fanfiction)

The Equestrian Portal (An Mlp Fanfiction)

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PC Pynecohne By Beanie_Pony Completed

The three royal alicorn's all held a deceitful smirk on their faces, as if hiding a large secret that they all shared. Before I knew it, I was in captivity and darkness, and then escaping from the grasp of insanity. 

It all began when I was dragged into a dream-come-true. When I was once a human, before I came to this world of colorful ponies. Everything was so happy and colorful, still seemed off, and I hadn't realized how hard it would be to survive...especially with multiple, powerful enemies out to get you, and your friends. 

On the brink of insanity, fear, and chaos, we must overthrow the powerful alicorns, and put an end to this, once and for all.

((Warning, this gets kinda gory and dark near the end...and on some other parts))

Hey thanks for including me in your book! And if you want yo know about the real me I am like my charter I am very sportsy and very very fast. And again thanks! This story seems so awesome!
Beanie_Pony Beanie_Pony Oct 06
@LilCipher I'm not sure she knows that she is in this story...
MaxVolt MaxVolt Sep 24
*Another Portal Opens... And it was... Winter!!* WEEHEEHEE!!! IM HERE GUYS!!!