Meet Alice Hayden, who was once best friends with a boy named James Cooper. They were like two peas in a pod, at least until high school. Whether as a joke or for real, James changed, completely! Now, just by being near each other, a war breaks out at every encounter. Alice doesn't know why, but there is one thing she knows for sure: James is a jerk and she absolutely despises him!
    But Fate throws in a little twist, just a tiny one to spice things up. Something that might change their lives and bring them closer together or turn them into mortal enemies...
    So what is there to do but a little mischievous fooling around. Changing Him won't hurt, right?
Oh my god, I just started reading this and I have fallen in love! Thank you so so so much!! :)) Please check out my book and give me some honest feedback? I would really appreciate advice from such a great author like you!! The book is called "Alive"
I imagine Selena Gomez as Alice! Lol! Anyways it's really good and omg! The cover is so amazing! I love it! Logan looks so damn cute!
I'm sorry but the cover for your story is absolutely gorgeous! The lighting for it and how you matched the green is wonderful. The story line isn't bad either so now you have another reader! And they say don't judge a book by its cover. Oops.
Just finished reading this one. and this is realllyy cool. :DD
When I saw the cast, and then saw 'you' I was fangirling ;) YEAH LOGAN LERMAN!!!
wow O.O TWO hot guys in ONE book amazing and its says 'you'? this is gonna be good