Living In Secrecy [Down Draft]

Living In Secrecy [Down Draft]

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Savanah By SMakenzieJ Completed

Kaitlynn Ross is part of the Witness Protection Program. It wasn't always this way. She used to be happy. But then something will change her life forever.

When she appears in court to testify, shots are fired, and everyone fears for her safety. After arrangement are made so that her testimony is recorded, they give her a new life. Now, every word she says or even thinks, she has to make sure it is something someone else, outside her immediate family, can hear. No one can know who she really was.

Will it drive her insane, not speaking to anyone outside her new family? Will she accidentally slip? Or will she be able to handle it?

"By failing to prepare yourself, you are preparing yourself to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

mei_yolo mei_yolo Aug 02, 2013
Hey guys.I really like this story.But i was hoping that you can read my story too.It is a Zayn Malik fanfiction.Please read it.I'd really appreciate and it would mean the world to me.Thank you all <3 :) XD
- - Feb 10, 2013
This is heart wrenching. I have two daughters and this is killing me.
SMakenzieJ SMakenzieJ Jan 29, 2011
Yeah, usually they don't like to say anything, but there are some who don't want to let them go. @ForbiddenSoul They usually either keep it to themselves and feel guilty for not even doing anythin or they seek justice. That's the way it is in this case.
ForbiddenSoul ForbiddenSoul Jan 29, 2011
Lol thx for the dedicated :D and love love it! 
                              hope you upload soon :)!
                              Scary that she was almost raped D: and the twist that they know the person, kinda unrelastic that she can remember and draw the person, but she is a strong person and wasn't really "raped" so it works, hope you upload soon! 
ForbiddenSoul ForbiddenSoul Jan 18, 2011
the storyline is good and interesting hope you will continue it :)
- - Jan 17, 2011
I really liked it. I m,ean it's different, and it was like keeping me cptivated towards the whole thing. I liked how your grammar was good, and how you explained things and didn't just let them be. 
                              You should definetely continue.
                              Great job.