Yandere Simulator characters, Their Kids

Yandere Simulator characters, Their Kids

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A Pet Named Steve By Mai_Waifu_ Updated 6 days ago

Kids of ships and random people 

MiDev (midori and YandereDev) will never be in this book, so don't ask!! or else.....

I take requests and other

Mai_Waifu_ Mai_Waifu_ Oct 17, 2016
If you don't know why see is blind I'll tell you
                              She was in a car accident with her friends from school on a school bus. She lost her vision in her left eye and broke her skull and right arm but she survived along with others that were in critical conditions from the crash
ShinpaiTheShipper ShinpaiTheShipper Sep 22, 2016
Just sitting at my desk screaming:
                              "SHOKA! SHOKA! SHOKA! SHOKA!" Its my favorite ship! 😝
Kowai_Gooby Kowai_Gooby Sep 27, 2016
                              Can see that being their child
                              Also 'Unicorn in disguise' X'>
Mai_Waifu_ Mai_Waifu_ Sep 22, 2016
Thanks guys! 😂 Hey @ShinTheDragon  Who do you want to be shipped with?
Mai_Waifu_ Mai_Waifu_ Jan 11
Mao: Mr. Camera Guy, if you don't  get that camera out of my face... I'll kill you......