Dreamland [Fantasy RP]

Dreamland [Fantasy RP]

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Shell Overlord By ll-OVERLORD-ll Updated Sep 26, 2016

☆ Rules ☆

1: There is a main form that everyone must fill in then one more form for the specific Species you have chosen to be. 

2: Not everyone can be a king, Queen or grand wizard. There needs to be many characters of all kinds.

3: Roleplay in third person. Give long and detailed replies and don't use '*' followed by an action. 

4: Don't kill off characters without their permission. Don't hate the roleplayers just the character if something happens. Seriously. 

5: No smut. I don't want this book deleted. Take it to PM if uou have to and don't curse unless you censer it. For example using @#+?! once in the word or for the while word amd just using a special character like śhøöţ for one word as well.

6: The password that you use to show you read and agree with the rules is 'you shall not pass!!!' Just, because. 

7: You can travel, you don't have to stay in one Kingdom due to your Species.

8: Any concerns, questions or ideas you'd like me to add or character you wish me to make ...

SupremeSorceress SupremeSorceress Sep 28, 2016
Name: Zayden Regalia
                              Gender: Male
                              Background: Classified
                              Rank: grand wizard
                              Wizard kind: myth conjurer also can I have two?
                              Home kingdom
Ren201 Ren201 Oct 10, 2016
Name: Charlie Hearth 
                              Age: 20 
                              Gender: Female
                              Sexuality: Gay
                              Backround: She left her family to travel four years ago
                              Personality: Kind, outgoing,smart, sarcastic, cool headed unless severely angered
                              Rank: Hunter/traveler 
                              Species: Bird shifter
                              Home kingdom Swynpond Forest
week123123 week123123 Jan 07
Can I make my own job/species?
                              It's like a border patrol/mercenary/protecter organization that when you join you get special powers?