What Is This Feeling? // A Lucy Harem

What Is This Feeling? // A Lucy Harem

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Lucy is a transfer student to one of the top ranging schools in the whole of the continent - Fairy Academy.

  She meets her new friends and everything is normal for her first day, until she assigned her dorm room - Dorm S.

  What will happen if six boys are living in the same room as her?

I do not own Fairy Tail! All rights to Hiro Mashima!

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Punkrockgirlqueen Punkrockgirlqueen Mar 09, 2017
                              Well. Everyone, Natsu's funeral will be right after this school day. Please come with summer clothes, as we will be burning all traces of his life on a huge bonfire.
Why does the school start so early!!!!! I wake up at 7 and school starts and 9 what planet are you on to make it star at 7!!!! 😂😁😊
Lol the first time I played flappy bird, I got 42. All the other times after that, I couldn’t get more than 10. -_-
colorful_popsicle colorful_popsicle Nov 05, 2017
Yes yes it does but have you ever seen my personality???? Hmmmm??? Ok then you have seen nothing yet. >_>
MirezzLux MirezzLux Nov 13, 2017
I'll named you, PEOPLE SHOULD SHIP WENCY (Wendy and Lucy) moree
Punkrockgirlqueen Punkrockgirlqueen Mar 09, 2017
Of course. Well, Pinky, she can do that cause she's awesome, hot, and gets good grades, and since you are only hot when it comes to your firepowers (You are a 5/10 on the handsome scale) and barely passed PreK, I think you need to figure out whom you think you are.