What Is This Feeling? (A Lucy Harem)

What Is This Feeling? (A Lucy Harem)

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The Matchmaking Pheonix By SenpaiBubbles Updated Mar 14

Lucy is a transfer student to one of the top ranging schools in the whole of the continent - Fairy Academy.

She meets her new friends and everything is normal for her first day, until she assigned her dorm room - Dorm S.

What will happen if six boys are living in the same room as her?

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                              Well. Everyone, Natsu's funeral will be right after this school day. Please come with summer clothes, as we will be burning all traces of his life on a huge bonfire.
Of course. Well, Pinky, she can do that cause she's awesome, hot, and gets good grades, and since you are only hot when it comes to your firepowers (You are a 5/10 on the handsome scale) and barely passed PreK, I think you need to figure out whom you think you are.
beemo25 beemo25 Feb 15
"So sudden and new.... I felt the moment I laid eyes on you..." sorry, couldn't help but hear "Wicked",  hahahaha
Well what can you say Lucy, unique means only.... One and only.....
Nope that's not supposed to say Natsu.... It's thank you....
animania666 animania666 Feb 28
This dot is Shane D.
                              (If you get where I got the name then you're my new best friend)😀