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S.A.D | yoonmin

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shiroihana_marika By shiroihana_marika Updated Nov 24

"I can't function a single fucking day without you and honestly, that scares the shit out of me."

Therapy, crying mothers, bruises, cigarettes, blades; they all hurt, and they all help.
  Yoongi wasn't bullied, nor traumatised, nor grieving, sick, or poor. All he knew was that he'd been a mess for so long he couldn't remember what he felt like when he was in one piece - thats assuming he ever was.
  Jimin entered his life like a red lotus flower drifting slowly across a swamp. He was dependable, gentle, warm, and blindingly bright. Yoongi didn't mean to hang on like he was his lifeline, but maybe thats a miracle for someone who was so S.A.D.

[It's okay if you're broken. I'll hold all the shards in my hands, even if it cuts me.]

BTS_Nari BTS_Nari Oct 06
this is so good 💖💖 and i am happy you are more diligent concerning updates than me XD
seokmastree seokmastree Nov 02
The description intrigued me and then I read the first line of this and fell in love.