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Ask P.I.E and Jimmy!

Ask P.I.E and Jimmy!

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PurpleRavenClaw By PurpleRavenClaw Updated 4 hours ago

I got bored and I thought this would be a good idea....Rules? Yup! XD
-I don't mind mature content as long as it's PG13

Galaxy_squad_forever Galaxy_squad_forever Sep 22, 2016
Yo Jim's and ghost n tost his are you guys doing plus also
                              DJ: we brought macaroni 
                              Me: no we didn't please don't arrest us
kittykatwisk kittykatwisk Sep 24, 2016
Hermmm.....I have questions for all of dem...
                              Jimmy: did you love someone before?
                              Johnny: can you dance to a song in a chicken costume? And in return I will become one of your fangirls.
                              Toast: herm......oh! I dare you to go in a crowd of your fangirls! *Chuckles evily*
Kitsune_Error_Sans Kitsune_Error_Sans Dec 18, 2016
Sally: **Hugs Toast**
                              (Such Ventruraintale.... So.... Waffles!)