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Clan Village [Closed]

Clan Village [Closed]

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[Closed For Maintenance] By UnitedWarriors Updated Nov 07, 2016

Build your own clan in THE ORIGINAL Warriors town game for Wattpad!

Unfortunately, Clan Village is no longer running. The book is being kept up for reference and memorable purposes.

**This activity book is part of the UnitedWarriors point system. If you don't know what that is, you probably aren't part of it, and so you may have a bit of trouble playing the game. Visit our account to learn how to join the system!**

~~Point Spending Activity~~

Ravenstride Ravenstride Oct 07, 2016
                              Thank You!
silverfoxwriter silverfoxwriter Oct 04, 2016
                              Brown fur except for a black tip on her tail.
Howling_Luna Howling_Luna Oct 06, 2016
Deathclan? If it's not so appropriate then I could change it
                              Deathstar (I'm working on her backstory and how she got named after her clan)
                              Black she-cat with white paws and a white tail
Jayfeather1114 Jayfeather1114 Oct 14, 2016
Could you by chance notify my when sign ups are opened again? Thanks.
UnitedWarriors UnitedWarriors Oct 08, 2016
×× Sign-ups for this game are currently CLOSED! Please wait to submit any new forms until this comment has been removed. ××
Leopardheart322 Leopardheart322 Oct 16, 2016
Are the Forums open?  Because I don't remember FlickerClan being there