Clan Village [Closed]

Clan Village [Closed]

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UnitedWarriors By UnitedWarriors Updated Nov 07

Build your own clan in THE ORIGINAL Warriors town game for Wattpad!

Unfortunately, Clan Village is no longer running.

**This activity book is part of the UnitedWarriors point system. If you don't know what that is, you probably aren't part of it, and so you may have a bit of trouble playing the game. Visit our account to learn how to join the system!**

~~Point Spending Activity~~

                              Thank You!
thatgirlfox thatgirlfox Oct 04
                              Brown fur except for a black tip on her tail.
Deathclan? If it's not so appropriate then I could change it
                              Deathstar (I'm working on her backstory and how she got named after her clan)
                              Black she-cat with white paws and a white tail
Could you by chance notify my when sign ups are opened again? Thanks.
×× Sign-ups for this game are currently CLOSED! Please wait to submit any new forms until this comment has been removed. ××
Are the Forums open?  Because I don't remember FlickerClan being there