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Transformers Prime/RiD RP

Transformers Prime/RiD RP

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Enderstar By Enderstarz Updated Mar 07

A place where you can RP your heart out.

*slithers out of some box*Hoi dere frand :3 I got an idea for a character but I wanna make sure it's ok if she's another species of alien, if not it's fine!
Name: SG_Yellowjacket_Prime
                              Faction: rouge
                              Looks: like prime. Black and yellow. Same size and spikes as Megatron.
                              Alt mode: Peter built semi, and race mode asston marton
                              Likes: horses, drawing, fighting along side Megs, star, and KO.
                              Dislikes: finish getting ruined, being offended
Chevzzzz Chevzzzz Dec 28, 2016
                              Name: Chrissy~
                              Eye Colour: Hazel or brown XD
                              Faction: autobot.
                              Likes: street racing, MUSIC. Parties, guitars, idiots like her wild self.
                              Dislikes: pervs, being called, 'shorts' or 'squirts'. THE DARK DJSNEKSJ.
Cream823 Cream823 Mar 07
                              Name: Maia
                              Age: 12
                              Eye color: Brown
                              Gender: Female
                              Hair color: Black
                              Clothing: Black T-shirt, jeans, combat boots, and cloak.
                              Faction: Rouge
                              Species: Human
                              Personality: Protective, distant, and strong
                              Likes: Singing, reading, and training
                              Dislikes: Everyone who asks about her family
megatronlover11 megatronlover11 Dec 07, 2016
                              Name: faith prime 
                              Gender: female 
                              Faction: autobots 
                              Likes: optimus prime and everyone 
                              Dislikes: spider lady (the one who work for me)
                              Crush: megatron 
                              Looks: look like optimus prime 
                              Alt.mode: semi truck 
                              Backstory: same as optimus prime
Lucario1217 Lucario1217 Jan 13
Name: Wolfgang 
                              Age: 8
                              Gender: Male
                              Personality: Shy, Nice, Politely, Loves to hug, scared
                              Looks: Brown short hair, yellow bright eyes, 4.2 ft. Yellow shirt with grey sweater over, black pants and shoes.
                              Likes: Hugs, nice people.
                              Dislikes: Mean people