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Transformers Prime/RiD RP

Transformers Prime/RiD RP

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Enderstar By Enderstarz Updated Mar 07


A place where you can RP your heart out.

                              Name: Aubree-Lynne Aarrynnes
                              Eye colour: Dark grey
                              Faction: Autobot
                              Likes: Pranking with Miko
                              Dislikes: Decepticons
                              Looks: Long platinum blonde almost white hair, pale skin, she is 5'7"
Rocks_Anne Rocks_Anne Apr 23
                              Name: Rosalie Kennedys 
                              Eye colour: Turquoise 
                              Side: Herself 
                              Likes: Freedom, her Pokémon partners, the forest
                              Dislikes: Feeling cornered, people in general
                              Other: Is an aura bender
                              Name dean
                              Faction autobot
                              Looks like a smaller predaking but dark blue with green neon red optics and cyan fire 
                              Alt mode dragon 
                              Likes flying
                              Dislikes walking
                              Name: Octagon
                              Faction: Autobot
                              Looks: Her color pallet consists with different shades of greens and her optics are the usual blue.
                              Alt-mode: a heavy duty truck
                              Likes: to work and her friend Keystone
                              Dislikes: fighting and being forced to stop working
                              Name: Blood Ruby or BR for short
                              Faction: bountyhunter
                              Looks: can I tag you?
                              Alt-mode: dragon or the batmobile
                              Likes: killing, money, and reading
                              Dislikes: cons and bots.
*slithers out of some box*Hoi dere frand :3 I got an idea for a character but I wanna make sure it's ok if she's another species of alien, if not it's fine!