Kiss & Tell | Ongoing

Kiss & Tell | Ongoing

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He caressed her lips with his thumb, "What are you upto, doll?" She laughed in his face coldly, "Baby, I don't kiss and tell." 


Evidentiary files are missing. Key witnesses are dead. And then there's ruggedly-handsome, yet troubled Elijah Blue who Evalyn can't seem to help crossing paths with. 

Four years after her father's suicide, Evalyn Gonzalez returns to her small home-town, only to uncover the truth about what really happened, the night of his death.

She believes her town is harbouring secrets and she will stop at nothing to find them out. Only the problem is who can she trust, when corruptions run deep into the heart of Dunkley and scandals brew right under her nose? When no one remains the same, not even her own best friend, Daniel Smith who's now apparently marrying Dunkley High's very own sweetheart. 

Who's going to Kiss and Tell? 
Find out!

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drunkblues drunkblues 4 days ago
@friesforlife1 it’s okay if you think the character is dumb or bitchy but i meant that people shouldn’t disrespect someone over other things like sex, gender, race etc x
tsundokuly- tsundokuly- Oct 17, 2017
okay so there's this movie called "the magnificent seven" and there's a line in it which reminds me of this.
                              it's basically - "i seek righteousness as one should. but i'll take revenge."
Angelafoussi Angelafoussi Oct 19, 2017
                              So appealing, full of suspense and damn hot!!!
                              Waow bravo
drunkblues drunkblues 4 days ago
@friesforlife1 i see the casting of Dylan O’Brien excites you ;)
tsundokuly- tsundokuly- Oct 17, 2017
also, did you see james franco in jimmy fallon? asdfhkl; the franco bro's have some amazing genes
yory93 yory93 5 days ago
Oh Ian 😉😉 And I now know what story this is. You changed the title 🙈😭 I shall miss it but I look forward to this one