shit happens | cameron dallas

shit happens | cameron dallas

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anxiety By camawendallas Updated Nov 26, 2017

sleep doesn't help 
if it's your soul that's tired.

Sequel to Little brother
Started 09/27/16

trigger warning: self harm, 
mention of suicide etc..

pm's are always open if you 
need to talk :)

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banginbaddie banginbaddie Apr 12, 2017
13 actually hoe, don't even know your little bro birthday or age smh
oceanorbs oceanorbs Jun 24, 2017
Cameron, literally get hit by a car. Please. I'm begging you.
banginbaddie banginbaddie Apr 12, 2017
At least he hasn't failed at being a brother you bitter mong
-sweetathena -sweetathena Jul 09, 2017
You did that to him. You and your fūcking pea brain friends.
Call him a psychopath one more time and I will make you choke again by choking you out
thorncrown thorncrown Nov 13, 2016
Lmao but if he really did Cameron would be all like "this is my fault" looking for the fastest way to get attention