Cold Beats •Nalu•

Cold Beats •Nalu•

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Natsu Dragneel and his ex-wife Lucy Heartfilia, along with their two kids, own Dragneel Corporation, a multi-music company, that's now springing artists off the charts. 

Along with Natsu's business success, there was one problem with his life which set him fatigued, and made him cold. Lucy wasn't his anymore, and he desperately  wanted her back, but with his girlfriend Lisanna, and Lucy's perfect bodyguard Sting after her, he could barely take Lucy's tragic rejections. 

Now how was he supposed to deal with all the drama is his life, and his upcoming music success? All while trying to get the woman he loves to fall for him again.

Somethin bothers me... If zeref is rahkeid's father then who de hell is his mother?
Hey sorry for being weird and all, but what font did you use for "cold beats" the words? I had the font but then my app glitched and deleted itself so I'm trying to get all of my fonts back
Very interesting first chapter. Reading on to see what happens next
Lucy just became dumb it's Lisanna Strauss but either way that ain't happening
Unicornc101 Unicornc101 Nov 09
No it will never work cause the male keeps his last name but..... The female in this case L-L-Lisanna will chandler her last name to Dragnnel.... The horror no no no no Lisanna can't be a Dragneel. It doesn't slide off your like when you say Lucy Dragneel
natsu has this obsession in most of your books with her behind