Twist And Turn (Lauren/you)

Twist And Turn (Lauren/you)

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"Smile, babe" By littlesoldier27 Updated 7 days ago

Y/n y/l/n, a successful business woman, a heartbreaker, and a race car driver. 

Lauren Michelle Jauregui, a doctor, a supportive sister, and a caring daughter.

What happens when these two met at an unusual event? Will they fall in love with each other? or will y/n continue to be a heartbreaker. Can Lauren change y/n? Read and find out!

P.S. I'm horrible at descriptions, sorry. G!p you.

TheSSCamrenShip TheSSCamrenShip 6 days ago
Something will probably happen ofc and then doctor Jauregui will save the day
I just automatically think of 'Q' from the Need for Speed games...I think that's her name...Lolz