My Only Friend (Saeyoung x reader)

My Only Friend (Saeyoung x reader)

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•セクシーなトースト• By Lusphoria Completed

"Your my only friend, y/n."

You were his only friend when you were young and you still are even when he is older... You will never leave Saeyoung's side...


I've been banned from churches for telling them that I'm a god. Whatever, im still a god! (Please tell me someone got this 😓)
hiragi02 hiragi02 Aug 27
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                              DOES JUMIN HAN GAY 
                              THAT WAS TRUE 😂😂
(When the V route is out and you feel awkward seeing his name)
But you did leave him
                              I shouldn't lie
                              Lying is bad
                              Lying is a sin
                              And God doesn't like sin
Oh shît... IVE BEEN FOUND OUT. *Changes my home screen to a picture of my friend*
JStarZ04 JStarZ04 5 days ago
//ggdjdjcOUgh I thought it was sAERAN-- I meanigotsousedtohimwithwhitehairafterall