My Only Friend (Saeyoung x reader)

My Only Friend (Saeyoung x reader)

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"Your my only friend, y/n."

You were his only friend when you were young and you still are even when he is older... You will never leave Saeyoung's side...


My child! I'm taking you home and keep you safe. >3< i'm your biological mother xD
*grabs a knife* TO STAB A HOE I GO! I GO! I GO! TO STAB A HOE I GO!!
Thing is, I don't go to church. That's weird since I'm Christian. Bruh.
Heh, I don't use ponytails anymore. It's actually very rare for me to wear ponytails now. I'm always wearing my hair in a bun, as it's very comfy and I wake up with still wet hair for me to wet it more and do stupid things with it.
Mika_Sasuki Mika_Sasuki Nov 28
and so all the readers prepared a suite of armor with a chest full of weapons to prepare for the fight against Rika to protect our cinnamon roll Saeran.
Must keep Saeran cute! @LuzBrightStar HELP ME MAKE HIM KEEP HIS SANITY!!!!