My One True Love

My One True Love

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Ashboy By miagirl33 Updated May 15, 2018

This was for BluePulse week of 2016 from October 3rd-9th. It was posted on Tumblr. All of the one-shots are going to be in this one story. I only got to day four I think. This is now an official story for my Bluepulse one-shots.
  Not every chapter might not focus on their relationship. Some might only focus on Jamie, while others Bart. This is both their story while also being their relationship.
  I do request if you want one then please comment or pm me. I do read all of the comment and check to see which story they are from.
    Every ten chapters I will take a break and this will usually be updated around the same days as my other one-shot story, between Wednesdays - Saturdays.
    If you think something should have a part two then please tell me. I will gladly write it. I just want to make sure other people agree.
  If you want to be updated then go to my account and look I explain things their. Or read the updates at the end of the chapters. They are usually their while summary are at the begging. 
    Also be aware of triggers and any offensive content. I usually put my trigger warning here. I will put one if it is really offensive in my opinion. Your example is here: I will put a TW for Death, but I might not put one for self harm. Just so you understand. I write about a lot of topics.

Also a lot of people are pointing out mistakes I made so I will make revision's the best I can, while still keeping up with my normal  updating schedule.

Will be updated when I feel like it and have time. I have a lot of stories and only two of those are completed so if I don't update this story in a while that's well. I'm also busy and have a lot of stuff to do. None of my stories are discontinued.

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