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Brock Lesner's Sister

Brock Lesner's Sister

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Cynthia Ruiz By Nerdy1224 Updated 3 days ago

When superstars and Divas hear Candice Lesner name the first thing they think is brutal, beautiful, unstoppable, and a legend.  She fought superstars and divas in and out of the ring. She was unstoppable until her last match against Triple H. They were friends and was in DX with Shawn Michaels  but then he betrayed her and it was a rival with these two. They fought in steel cage matches, ladders tables and chairs matches, etc. But in the final fight in Hell In A Cell when she jumped of the cell and elbowed Triple H getting the win. But her shoulder was dislocated and had a neck injury. And she hasn't been seen since. Until she got a call from Vince and Shane McMahon.

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