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Heart Of A Horse

Heart Of A Horse

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The_Rouge_Wolf By The_Rouge_Wolf Updated Jul 25, 2016

Can you imagine being a shape shifter a proud one strong and brave yet female. no ha well your gonna have to because that's what I am. me and my family we were all shape shifter yet I was the only one of my kind. oh by that I mean type of animal. but I didn't care I was glad that I could shift from a human to an animal it made me feel free and like nothing could ever change that.   But Something did change that    One day my family got into a fight a battle that lasted 6 days and me being only 11 was not allowed to fight with the rest of my family. So try his me bellow the cellar. after a while the sounds of the battle stopped I heard people looking through the house then nothing after a day of silence I came out from beneath the cellar but when I did I wished I hadn't there was my family my mum dad 3 brothers gran and.... wait 3 brothers I had four I looked around I didn't find him     Then It hit me my family my while family was dead killed murdered. I fell to the ground and cried I felt broken. literally suddenly I felt this pain in side of me emotional physical and mental I screamed out letting go of y anger and as I did i felt myself changing in to my animal form but when I was fully changed I felt different somehow like this transformation was final and I welcomed that being in animal form help To Dull the pain which I was glad of I had no one to share it with. I berried my family and everyone else. said good bye   And with that I turned away and ran Off in to the night   I am arrabella night   The last and only horse shifter

TJClover TJClover Jul 28, 2016
Hey maybe try "....a proud, strong and brave female." And also a  quetion mark after no.
TJClover TJClover Jul 28, 2016
Hey maybe try "....a proud, strong and brave female." And also a  quetion mark after no.
2016Valerie 2016Valerie Jul 16, 2016
cool, nice story. I think I can write about horses I had some growing up. There so great to have and ride to.
xariz_dmeza xariz_dmeza Jun 19, 2015
Wait if she had four brothers but she could only find three of them dead, then doesn't that mean she's not necessarily the last of he kind until she finds her fourth brother dead?
CrazzyHorseGirl CrazzyHorseGirl Apr 13, 2015
How is this 'the heart of a horse' also, you need punctuation.... I love horses and this doesn't seem like a horse book at all. >:(
xxJEZxx xxJEZxx Mar 21, 2014
Add some commas and capital letters please... Ever heard of spell check?