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You Don't Need Eyes To See (Blind!Dipper X Bill Cipher)

You Don't Need Eyes To See (Blind!Dipper X Bill Cipher)

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Billdip Piece of Trash By Cheetahtwo Updated Jan 24

Delicious Billdip is delicious
  What would happen if Dipper was blind during the whole adventures of Gravity Falls? 
  What would happen if Billdip was canon?
  Ah the mysteries...
Contains Dipper x Bill Cipher, you know, cuz if I don't put it here people that don't know what their ship name won't be able to read my story, lmfao

  Big thanks to @NuttieNix for the cover design!~

Noelle217 Noelle217 Sep 24, 2016
I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite billdip story of all time
XanVis XanVis Dec 09, 2016
Oh my... It sounds like dipper's a pet when Mabel called Dipper and he went to her side. But other then that,this story is gunna be AWESOME!!!