You Don't Need Eyes To See (Blind!Dipper X Bill Cipher)(COMPLETED)

You Don't Need Eyes To See (Blind!Dipper X Bill Cipher)(COMPLETED)

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(Completed) (*bumps fists into the air like I accomplished something*)

Delicious Billdip is delicious
  What would happen if Dipper was blind during the whole adventures of Gravity Falls? 
  What would happen if Billdip was canon?
  Ah the mysteries...
Contains Dipper x Bill Cipher, you know, cuz if I don't put it here people that don't know what their ship name won't be able to read my story, lmfao

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69ishipit69 69ishipit69 Sep 05, 2017
actually dip'n'dots other senses are heightened so he'll be able to hear danger and then run away, using his stick to guide him
Ah kids this won’t last just wait I remember the first episode he was all nice but then he turned into a coach potato thief but hey Stan is literally my spirit animal lolol on a spiritual level
Kawaiichan554 Kawaiichan554 Apr 26, 2017
I wonder what would happen when Dipper met robbie, would robbie actually tease someone for being blind?
MG_Bon MG_Bon Jul 15, 2017
Well that's extremely nice of Ford. Maybe in this story he wrote it like that because not many people can understand blind language. Or maybe I'm over thinking things.
Yikisole13 Yikisole13 Jun 01, 2017
Sixter you really want to get the point across uh
                              (Trust no one Funny That is the only way Pinetree could get a round)
nuclearbarnes nuclearbarnes Mar 10, 2017
When I first read this it made me think that maybe Ford would be blind too but that wasn't the case lol