The Bet (Norminah)

The Bet (Norminah)

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kissdark7 By kissdark7 Updated Aug 30

Dinah never was one for caring about the consequences of her actions. She was reckless & uncaring. A party animal that didn't take life seriously.

That was until she meet Normani. She was ethereal in every sense of the word. She was the light and the end of the long dark tunnel that Dinah knew as life.

But just like all of Dinah's relationships they were doomed from the start. With secrets begging to be let out and Dinah's self destructive behavior will they make it?

Warning: g!p

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Aw,Bitch now I see why lolo told her to lose mani's number😂😭😞
$250? On a bet about getting someone's number? I don't like him but I can pretend if he wants to be a sugar daddy 😥
Bitch!!!! I would risk it all just for one graze of that aśs against my finger tips
Simple solution: don't go through with it dummy. Pay that turd whatever tf he wants and move tf on. Get ya girl, soon-to-be-not-a-hoe.
Don't do it Mom, You'll hurt Moms feelings.
                              Translation- Don't do it Dinah, You'll hurt Mani's feelings.
- - Jan 23
If he was gonna be so cheap and salty his ass should've bet a 20 and kept it pushing 🙄