Hallelujah // Brendon Urie

Hallelujah // Brendon Urie

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Ireland :) By urieeeeee Updated 2 days ago

Good girl meets bad boy

Good girl falls for bad boy

Bad boy doesn't. 


@urieeeeee Is that Taylor Hill playing Rose or Sara Sampiao?? I get them confused, or is it not neither of them???
Msjackson12 Msjackson12 a day ago
Oh yes but what a shame what a shame she doesn't like her NAme
Msjackson12 Msjackson12 a day ago
I chimed in with a haven't u ppl ever heard of changing ur 👉☝👄 name no it's much better to face these kinds of things when ppl call you ROSEMARY
S H E S  G O N N A  T U R N  I N T O  S I N 
                              But to be real, this is great so far. I like where the plot is headed.