Escaping the Parris

Escaping the Parris

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Ashton Kutcher By AshtonCorbin Completed

A boy with dreams bigger than the world he once knew.
A girl surrounded by walls that grow taller with every passing year.
Both aboard the last evidence of life on Earth. 

How can a ship with a mission to save the planet do any saving when there's no planet left?
And is there room for love on a ship without life?


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MaxFreedman MaxFreedman 4 days ago
Unsure of what just happened, but that might be what you're going for.
When I first saw the chapter header, I thought it was a mermaid until I saw two feet... lol
anna_rose01 anna_rose01 Oct 29
I love your writing style :) You have a very beautiful writing style that captivates the reader and makes them want to read more.
MaxFreedman MaxFreedman 4 days ago
I feel like there could be a better word than 'unbearable'. Again, just a thought. Nice ending!
Well...that escalated quickly. 😬
                              I can't believe her husband pushed her over board!
MaxFreedman MaxFreedman 4 days ago
Aw. Sad. Maybe you could replace the capital letter here with italics; I think that would look better. Just an idea though.