PJ x Ania ; Don't Go

PJ x Ania ; Don't Go

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Novia Blouse By Dragonovia Updated Apr 18

°°°Ever Thought Of Meeting A Favorite Fantasy You Love?°°°
       °°°Imma Take That As A Yes°°°


       |  Here is a book based on a true story[To make it sound awesome]that a youthful girl and her young trustworthy friend, found a portal [just cause] ...that can take them to a world that we all thought didn't exist[Oh! Like Undertale!] SHUT UP OTHER VOICE!  |

       |  As they have amazing, dangerous adventures- [They get a slap in the face by a woman telling them they have to leave] ...*groan*

       |  Of course the two will fought back but that is not an easy job to do  |

       [ Who knows they die or live, but there is a line between a butt crack. The small chosen chick was able to see her character that she created! Like, how cool is that! ]

      |  Are you fill with Curiosity? Then read the book of Truthfulness |

      [ Is "Truthfulness" even a word? ]

    |Yes indeed!  |  [ But-]  | Shut it! Start the book!  |


   ¤By Novia Blouse
   ¤Dad Permission 
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   ¤Don't worry, I'm friendly! Im never mean to my cookiez even if their rude or not!
   ¤ The book cover does not belong to me!! Belongs to the right owner!!!
   ¤But the plot and Novia are mine!

                    §Bye bai!§

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Anju-Writes Anju-Writes Nov 08, 2016
Lol I see what you did there using both ships ink x Ania and PJ X Ania clever XD
friskrielforever friskrielforever Nov 22, 2016
Anju-Writes Anju-Writes Nov 08, 2016
I had a teacher named Mr Stanley he was fun the transfered schools
ColorfulBirb ColorfulBirb Oct 07, 2016
I tell that to myself every night xD litterly I wear a T-shirt and a blue hoodie ALL THE TIME