Highschool Nightmare

Highschool Nightmare

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Sehunnie_Booty By Sehunnie_Booty Updated Feb 08, 2017

Baekhyun doesn't want everyone to know that he is gay after hearing rumours that everyone in Bbalgan High is homophobic. The only ones who know is his brother, Baekbeom and his best friend, Oh Sehun. 

What will happen when he tells his crush, Park Chanyeol, that he likes him? Will he be shunned by him because Baekhyun likes guys? What everyone else...?


[Warning, contains smut, hurt, bullied, tons of swearing, and anti-lgbt]

  • baekyeol
  • boyxboy
  • bullied
  • chanbaek
  • exo
  • highschool
  • hunhan
  • hurt
  • yaoi
international_mochi international_mochi Sep 28, 2016
U should've used baekbeom for baekhyuns brother since that's his real brothers name
international_mochi international_mochi Sep 28, 2016
I thought luhan was sehuns best friend 😑anyways 😂loving the story so far