' Saved by the Gang Leader '

' Saved by the Gang Leader '

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♥Angie♥ By _angelstories98_ Updated Mar 19

Sometimes life plays weird games...

Meet Angela Carper, a 18yold girl who lives in California with her uncle and aunt since her parents death when she was 9 yold. 

She is having a usual life with her 3 best friends Nadia , Jenna and Alex . This is her first year in college and although she is very anxious about it she doesn't even know how much more complicated this year is going to be for her.

Meet Grayson Henderson a 22 yold gang leader who is going to be a part of Angelas life and Change it dramatically .

Two totally different people whose life's are crushing together . 

Secrets, lies , love and a lot of gunshots..

How is this story going to end up ?

* This story isn't real. Every character in this book is imaginative and the photos used have been taken from the internet. .

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Beginning* u spelled it as in "plz stop I'm BEGGING" like that but anyway sorry just wanted to help BTW ur grammar is pretty damn good if u ask me
It's just a book... are you my sister BC that is what my bro would say
Oops😅 my bad, how I missed that ?😅 Thank you so much though 😊
I forgot mine like once every 3 months and I had to take the bus to and from school and boy was I ready to rip out everyone's throats stick a knife in their stomach twist it and then feed their throats to animals while they're eyes could still see