Daughter of Stars and Nightmares (The Eternal Bond Saga book 1)

Daughter of Stars and Nightmares (The Eternal Bond Saga book 1)

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The strings of a dark fate latched onto Julia the day she was born. As she's grown, those deadly threads continued to tighten their grip, inching toward her soul. Now, seventeen years later the dark fate binding her has formed a lethal noose around her neck.

Unable to weld her magic, Julia struggles to find her self-worth in a family of magical heavy weights. Desperate to figure out why she's the only one in her family who can't use magic. Fate pushes her to uncover the dark secrets entangling not only her family's past but her. Thrusting her straight into the path of Thorsen, the head of a vicious Dark Faerie clan.

Thorsen,  knows Julia's biggest secret--one she doesn't even know. And he's hell bent on capturing her before the truth surfaces--if it means killing everyone she loves to possess her, so be it.

If Julia wants to survive and save those she loves, she must uncover the truth surrounding her existence and embrace the mysterious bond tied to her soul.  Yet in this world of secrets, lies, and ancient history, nothing's as it seems and some truths WILL destroy her.

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LivMilesauthor LivMilesauthor Oct 14, 2017
Oo! What an opening! Not going to lie, my paranormal story "Deeper" begins in Paris, so I have a soft spot for this location lol I wonder what's going to happen to her!
LivMilesauthor LivMilesauthor Oct 14, 2017
Great first chapter! You write so well, I love how you set this scene. Keep up the good work! :)
- - Nov 08, 2017
I feel like she has been here before and something happened. Either that, or I misread the first sentence completely.
ljonstine ljonstine Jan 04, 2017
this book sucked me from the first sentence. it was so engrossed that I forgot to vote and am doing so now. cant wait for the next book please please please edit it fast and post it up soon.
chobikocho chobikocho Jan 02, 2017
Damn That ending is awesome. I am loving this book from the get go.
ryogagoku ryogagoku Jan 23, 2017
I love this book and i don't know why it doesn't have a million reads already. We need to start a #MUST~READ~ETERNAL~BONDS!!!