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His Forced Bride 🌟 #FS1

His Forced Bride 🌟 #FS1

19.3K Reads 855 Votes 10 Part Story
S H A Y By TheSpicyBiryani Updated Jan 27

❝Those fragrances of your body are still alive in these breaths...I'm feeling choked due to them, they are the noose around my neck.❞

Altair crime family boss Armaan Altair is evil and hideous. Like... jaw dropping, spine-chilling, eye widening kind of evil and hideous. Tall and muscular, with the kind of dominant, dark attitude that makes everyone around him pee in their pants.

He commands respect and fear from everyone, and he deserves it. He's earned it. As for women...he hates them. He despises women from the bottom of his cold heart. He sees them as dirt and weakness, nothing else.

Until he encounters Jannat Qamar. 

Gorgeous, kind, and a kindergarten teacher, she has a perfect life. Her innocence begs everyone around her to be happy and enjoy the little moments of life just like the way she does. 

One unfortunate night, Jannat witnesses a terrible crime -- and if she breathes a word of it, she is dead. 

There is only one person who can help her and that person is... Armaan Altair.

LollywoodLoveStories LollywoodLoveStories Oct 08, 2016
Aiza Khan and Sadia Khan for Pakistani. Indian... I can't choose 😂 I like alot of them
Dollyaankie Dollyaankie Sep 25, 2016
Oviously both indian and pakistani acter and actresses are really beautiful and hot... my god...
                              Loved the chap.. specially our girls name.. its beautiful....😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
YamkelaN YamkelaN Feb 13
Gosh!!! Four... She's so strong...that requires a lot of bravery and strength especially if they come from the same place...
LollywoodLoveStories LollywoodLoveStories Oct 08, 2016
Lovely chapter! Your writing style has really caught my eye! It's all so organised,clean and just perfect 😍
Alittlebitdevious Alittlebitdevious Sep 28, 2016
Yes, more desi representation!!! I love it so far, keep on going girl!