Comfort in Another's Arms

Comfort in Another's Arms

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Elyse Cass Hamilton By The-Dark-Mistress Completed

Snamione Short Story

Hermione is in her redo year at Hogwarts. The Celebration Ball is coming up to celebrate the winning of the war, which was two years ago. About a month before the Ball Hermione is out on her Head Girl rounds and when she peeks in an empty classroom she find Ron cheating on her. 

Ron tries to win her back but what he doesn't know if that she's already found comfort from another man. Someone completely unexpected....

  • granger
  • hermione
  • love
  • severus
  • snamione
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I’ve been waiting for this reference!! Did not disappoint! 😍
You know what just happened sev...YOUR IN LOVE!!!!😍😍😍
                              *Severus: no I'm not!!*
                              Yes you are!!!
                              *no I'm not now stop it Lacey Bridges*
                              Oh okay but I still think your in love with Hermione Granger!!!!😍😍😍lol!
As soon as I read spoon I started singing "a spoon full of sugar"
Why heart? There are more... interesting places. *Wink wink, nudge nudge*
spock303 spock303 Aug 31
albus:why a spoon professor
                              snape :because it will hurt more you idiot!!!