Dark Love

Dark Love

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"Pain does not show that you are weak, it makes you stronger."
~Lucy Heartfilia

"Mistakes does not mean you are dumb, you learn from them to become better."
~Rogue Cheney

Lucy Heartfilia used to be happy, cheerful and filled with positive thoughts. Now she is not.

After being betrayed by her Nakamas, she leaves the guild to train for 3 years while promising herself something that is impossible to keep.

An emo boy, Rogue Cheney also broke up with his girlfriend ,Yukino, after seeing his best friend making out with her.

Would they find something between them?


Would Mira's RoLu ship sink? (#Lol)

Read to find out!!!

Sorry for crappy summary!!


I do not own Fairy Tail or Sabertooth!!

Hiro Mashima does!!


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D e a d 😂 I just imagines it to.....oh god......wheres the bleach.....
When I read boom, thought of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2 when professor Mcgonagal says BOOM! after Newville asks if they are really fighting
Starzz123 Starzz123 Aug 29
Um... you missed two dragon's... you said there were ten earlier but now there is only eight
Ah, the poison. The poison for kuzco, the poison chosen specially to kill kuzco. Kuzco's poison. That poison?
He didn't even fuc.king notice that Skyline mentioned her fuc.king namr?!??