Seducing my Kinky Stepdad

Seducing my Kinky Stepdad

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My stepdad has a dark secret. He likes BDSM dungeon porn, and mom either doesn't know, or willfully ignores this interest of his. But I'm very curious, and I have an interest in it myself. Could I possibly fill that void for him that my mother wasn't able to fill? And could my stepdad fill mine, so to speak?

Disclaimer: This erotic short story contains light BDSM themes. All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older, and all sexual acts depicted herein are enthusiastic and consensual.

Book Length: 9,300 Words

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This girl has problems. This is weirder than any other story I've read
Its probably like some handcuffs and ropes for you know what. I'm calling it
Everybody tryna act like they’re original and quirky for liking some of the most popular movies of all time
chloebug24 chloebug24 Apr 13
The only movie I seen was labyrinth. I’ve obviously heard of the other bc who hasn’t? But I’ve never watched them. Labyrinth tho is an amazing movie. I watched it with my dad.
If you enjoy bondage and damsel-in-distress fantasy stories, then why not read “The Secrets of Shackleton Grange” by Steve Spandex?
sdaave sdaave Mar 27, 2017
I like your opening chapter, makes me want to know what happens next.