Scars To Your Beautiful~ Attack On Titan Therapist Levi x Anorexic Eren | Riren

Scars To Your Beautiful~ Attack On Titan Therapist Levi x Anorexic Eren | Riren

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鉂わ笍馃殌 鈱♀嵅鈽解劙 馃殌鉂わ笍 By Moonlight_Cloud Updated 3 days ago

Trigger Warnings: This story includes bulimia, anorexia, strong language, social anxiety, depression, abuse, and suicide. 

I've been an insecure, bulimic, and anorexic teen since I was thirteen. 

If I eat, I cry. If I smile, it's fake. If I laugh, it's just an act. Don't get easily fooled by my amazing acting and innocent face, because I have a secret.
My two best friends are my pointer finger and middle finger, and it's not for flipping people off. It's for shoving both of them down my throat while I'm sitting over the toilet.
But... Let's just say that my mom came home a bit too well... Early, and heard me, and that leads us to our current situation when I'm sitting in a black leather chair that can spin in circles, which I'm doing right now and I'm smiling because I didn't fall off, yet.
Oh, and did I mention that my new therapist, Levi Ackerman, is staring at me like I have another disorder besides well... The ones I have now?


None of the characters/images/videos in this story is mine, I only own the plot. This story is based off of Alessia Cara's song: Scars To Your Beautiful

Written By: Moonlight_Cloud
Edited by: StarsNeverLanding

CH5tgUrl CH5tgUrl Jun 15
If it's a story you're willing to write and tell, I'm sure it's a story worth reading
Wolfy57286 Wolfy57286 Jun 21
That's so deep!! The voices sound like the voices I have! I only have some positive voices every once and a while..馃檭
Stay beautiful my dear. Im here for you darling. I understand truly. Its like the war , but in your own mind, yourself.
XxRirenxX XxRirenxX Jun 26
You have a lot of courage to write a story this personal have a cookie 馃崻
You're such a nice author, thank you X3 I hope you know that if I'm great, you're even greater! 馃槉
I'm sorry...I hope you live your life and not suffer...I don't know how to help because I don't have any disorders but please don't kill are really an amazing author <3 :)))