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Vampire King

Vampire King

2.3M Reads 91.6K Votes 53 Part Story
K E E L Y By QueenKeely Completed

In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel; living in the garden of hell. 

Tyler King- the most powerful vampire on earth, the King of all vampires. Shae Valentine, a simple quiet oblivious human girl and Tyler's after her to stake his claim.

"M-my King, w-why are you here?" He growls at the pathetic excuse of a vampire and grips his neck.

"Do not question your King!"

"O-of course my l-lord" he stutters "b-but you've never c-come here my lord" he drops the man to the ground and smirks.

"That's because I'm here for something.... Here for a specific person I've been waiting for, for 1000 years." His King says.


"Shae Valentine, my mate. And she's MINE."

Highest rank: #1 in vampire 7/11/16
*book 1 of the 'crimson' series*
*completed as of 1/3/17

ilurvbooks_97 ilurvbooks_97 a day ago
Agh I can tell I am not going to like Sam. I'm a lot more like Shae
angelibezi_enendu angelibezi_enendu 4 days ago
i remember reading about these stories in 8th grade  and thinking "omg are high school/college parties really like this? i have to go to atleast one to see if it's legit" *two years into high school so far* who made these parties up?i have never heard of this .
CoywoIf CoywoIf 2 days ago
I feel poor because I spend around $30 and I can get 2-5 shirts for that...
                              but one shirt for $50? dang...
XXLetheXX XXLetheXX 4 days ago
Oml i love the author right now this is who I aspire to be 😂
croisantbabe croisantbabe 12 hours ago
Don't you just love it when authors warns you like this, but thier books ends up being just perfect despite them thinking its unedited - and when ur reading the book ur just there wondering where is the flaws?? Like there's none??
ThePinkSpy ThePinkSpy 5 days ago
I have one question. Is this book based on any type of Mythology? Maybe Greek or Roman?