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Trust, Love, Forgiveness....

What if Carlisle had a daughter biologically-Bella. Many years ago, when he turned into a vampire, he left them because he was afraid that he will be tempted by the scent of his family's blood. When he tries searching for them, his heart was broken by the news that his wife Marie had died and his daughter was missing and presumed to be dead. 

He still longed for the family he left behind but little by little he fell for the Esme, a vampire he met and who posed as his sister in the start. Somehow, Esme helps Carlisle heal and things continue as normal- Carlisle forms the Cullen coven with Esme as his mate.

Bella, meanwhile; had also been turned into a vampire. She is unaware that her father had been turned. She goes to Forks and her world comes into chaos when she discovers that the infamous Cullen family, a surname she shared- have moved into town.

And that with them is a certain Carlisle Cullen-a namesake of her father.

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Quxxni Quxxni Mar 18, 2016
I'm pretty sure there weren't policemen back in the 1600s...
KedrowH KedrowH May 30, 2016
@Daunicorn10 it may be just a story but @PatienceVanSell is right and makes a good point
Daunicorn10 Daunicorn10 May 23, 2016
@PatienceVanSell it's just a story don't be horrible and judgemental!
AEVanSell AEVanSell Feb 13, 2016
Carlisle was changed in the 1600's. I don't think they had wallets and they definitely didn't have photographs.
vaccbi09 vaccbi09 Jan 31, 2016
The description a are some of the best I have read.  Twilight aS on TV last night. Bella and Edward are so young.  I had not seen the first one in such a long time.  The hair of Edward was funny to me.
Talking_unicorn6788 Talking_unicorn6788 Aug 05, 2016
Omg I'm sorry @Daunicorn10 is my old account and I did not write that...seriously I'm not even mean or dramatic