Sound Of Silence

Sound Of Silence

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Rissa Black By RiarkleLucaya3447 Completed

Okay so I know many people have done this, but I'm gonna do it a little differently. Add some twists.

What if Maya refused to talk to Lucas after he rode the bull?

The Lucaya campfire moment NEVER happened... I know that's sad.  

Can Lucas get Maya to talk to him again? Can Riley? Or will Riley get jealous when Lucas starts trying to woo Maya into speaking?

Love the Markle moment! I don't think everything gonna go back to normal? Please don't let Riley push Maya into telling her what's wrong because you can easily tell she's not ready yet.
As much as I love Zaya. Farkle should be the one to talk to Maya cause they been best friends since they were kids and Maya doesn't really want to talk to Riley. Will Farkle find out the truth?
NellieJ2011 NellieJ2011 Sep 21
Was Riley listening at the door during the Markle moment?  Is that why she slept on the couch instead of the bedroom?  Just wondering.
NellieJ2011 NellieJ2011 Sep 21
Zay should try to talk to her.  She obviously doesn't want to talk to Riley.
👍🏻 Will Charlie appear like he did in GM Texas part 3 but this time be interested in Maya and disappear or not appear?