My Bestfriend is a Jerk

My Bestfriend is a Jerk

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He's destructive and He's rude
He's possessive
No Boyfriends, No guy friends
He's a Player who likes to 'play' with me.
He kisses me, touches me and Sexually harasses me in ways you CANNOT imagine.
Giving Mixed signals is kinda his thing now
But as he states 'I could NEVER be his girlfriend'
He gets into trouble and expects me to get him out of it.
Or get in it with him.

He LITERALLY is the world's biggest Jackass
And I have to live with it. Whether I like it or not.

This son of a Bitch is my bestfriend.

Follow Rosalie through her stressful journey as she tries to figure out the person she's known forever...her Best friend

l42jazz l42jazz Dec 21, 2016
Hey now be nice she could have a good  reason ...which is unlikely but be nice 😾
LuluHabhab LuluHabhab Oct 29, 2016
My brother won't even get out of bed to get me a bottle of water .-.
EatingMercy EatingMercy Oct 22, 2016
So you always shove your tongue down your sisters's throat? Nice man!
SkyTG7452 SkyTG7452 Dec 22, 2016
Oh wow she's soo pretty!!! How does she get her everything to match her none existent eyes?
BTSisDope BTSisDope Jan 01
No offence or anything, but most tv shows, books etc call the slut characters Britney. I've heard it so many times, I'm reconsidering the relationship with Alvin and Britney (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) and thinking that they hook up behind others backs 😞😂
l42jazz l42jazz Dec 21, 2016
And you shouldn't be talking about her it takes two to do the hippty dippty and you're bestie seems like a slush bag too *points finger at her no