My Bestfriend is a Jerk

My Bestfriend is a Jerk

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He's destructive and He's rude
He's possessive
No Boyfriends, No guy friends
He's a Player who likes to 'play' with me.
He kisses me, touches me and Sexually harasses me in ways you CANNOT imagine.
Giving Mixed signals is kinda his thing now
But as he states 'I could NEVER be his girlfriend'
He gets into trouble and expects me to get him out of it.
Or get in it with him.

He LITERALLY is the world's biggest Jackass
And I have to live with it. Whether I like it or not.

This son of a Bitch is my bestfriend.

Follow Rosalie through her stressful journey as she tries to figure out the person she's known forever...her Best friend

pinksecretunicorn pinksecretunicorn Aug 27, 2017
My brother is better looking than him and me and my brother roast eachother all the time
IvyPuppyLover IvyPuppyLover Dec 25, 2017
I must've gotten my sibling and friend relationship mixed up with my boyfriend relationship. _😶😶
moonlover1420 moonlover1420 Jun 21, 2017
All these comments and I'm sitting here laughing cause he plays the young character of hannibal lecter 😂
xKUPKAKEx xKUPKAKEx Oct 23, 2017
Omg she's so pretty the grey brings out her eyes...and the wattpad sign looks great on her
LiteraryButterfly LiteraryButterfly Jul 10, 2017
He's definitely not the player type or all that good looking.  Why not Zach Efron or someone like him.  He played a big jerk in Neighbors and he has a the looks too.