My Male Stripper

My Male Stripper

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Naomi_is_my_lover By Manu_W_SamA_91 Updated Nov 11, 2016

Meet 25 year old Lucy Heartfilia as the CEO of Love&Lucky the Buisness of her Parents.

 At her 25th Birthday her friends decided to celebrate her birthday in the famoust stripp club in Magnolia. Fairy Tail. A strippclub who is only made for womans.

There she meets the famous stripper of Fairy Tail and good looking 25 year old Natsu Dragneel.

Will they become close? Will she see him again or just this once? 

Well read to know ~

"Are you assuming my gender?" Ya know, I've seen boys at school do that...
Ik her favorite color's pink in the anime but why in the fanfic too? It gets annoying tbh
naluforever112 naluforever112 Nov 18, 2016
I kick that seling Wat u gonna say no one can be just like me anyway
tihalola tihalola Sep 22, 2016
I love this! There's a few typo's here and there but hey I have them too xD make sure to look over your chapter a 2 or 3 times. It helps...a lot!
Great thinking of putting Minerva and Flare as Lucy's Friends
InfiniteMiste InfiniteMiste Nov 11, 2016
Kinda funny, because whit means small amount and "I am very lucky to be whit her" could be translated into "A very small amount of me is very lucky to be with her."
                              don't mind me.