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headintheclouds By headintheclouds Updated Sep 23, 2016

"You're beautiful." 
Abigail's mum tells her this each and every day, but how can Abigail believe those words when she can barely even look at herself in the mirror.

Sick, scarred and disfigured when she was only twelve Abigail has grown used to staying in the shadows and the horrible torment she receives from the people around her. They call her a monster... and maybe she is.

Hope soon comes in the form of a place on a drug trial, testing a highly experimental drug to treat epilepsy and seizures. It's risky but to stop being sick Abigail would take the chance.

However the drug trial is under fire from the people of the surrounding area, all who seem to be hiding a secret that Abigail is being pulled towards. Especially Marcus Blake who's very voice sparks Abigail's soul but he seems to hate the very ground she walks on. 

Soon Abigail will learn that fate is cruel and maybe God does have a plan, because something or someone is coming and everyone will have to face their own demons to survive. 

So is this life for Abigail permanent?