She fixed my heart  (Velvet x male reader)

She fixed my heart (Velvet x male reader)

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arrekushisumizumi By arrekushisumizumi Updated Nov 05

Name: (Y/n) (L/n)
Weapon: holographic sword (echo)
Semblance: Gravity manipulation 
Team: VOID
Appearance: Mid lengh (h/c) hair with purple tips. Beowolf mask black hoodie pants and combat boots.

This oc belongs to @churchliveson

Name: Jason Argonaut
Age: 18
Weapon: Silver Shotgun gautlets (Alison)
Semblance: Unbridled Rage (boost stats turning his hair white)
Appearance: Same hair as Sun but blue. He is a wolf faunas his ears and tail are also blue. He wears a black hoodie with a red vs blue tshirt underneath and camo pants.

(A/n): I'm always gonna make the names my way. I'll post a photo of the sword later.

It's name is echo so I am now going to imagine  it's echo's (lol) sword
Hey I just recently started a fanfic. It's called The Two Brawlers, if you could read what I have so far that would be awesome
Mask40 Mask40 Nov 27
So he wears a mask over a mask? Wonder how long it will take before both shatter to reveal his true self.
Imperialsouls Imperialsouls 3 days ago
My weapon is a katana that can switch to a minigun with infinite ammo from the air which then become bullets