Psycho||A Marilyn Manson Fanfiction

Psycho||A Marilyn Manson Fanfiction

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chickenfangirl By chickenfangirl Updated Oct 22, 2017

"I think I'll take you with me, alright, my pretty little girl?" 

A sick, disturbed serial killer named Brian Warner kidnaps you, and you're trapped in his home. Shit happens. Enjoy. 

Content warning: This story contains rape, murder, blood, etc. Basically, don't comment about how my story triggered you because this is your warning.

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- - Sep 16, 2017
Please my good bro. Let me stay in my home? I like the name flower n'all but...I can't leave my cat. He would be pissed.
Killjoy413 Killjoy413 Feb 01
You look so pretty when you cry
                              Don't wanna hit you but the only thing
                              Between our love is
                              A bloody nose
                              A busted lip
                              And a blackened eye
averya7x averya7x Oct 23, 2017
TrashyEmoPatato TrashyEmoPatato Sep 24, 2017
But if he's nice, why can't I stay home? Is he nice or his he mean? THIS GUY BETTER MAKE UP HIS DAMN MIND OR HE'S GETTING HIS A$$ BEAT I DONT CARE HOW CUTE HE IS HE WILL DIE TODAY
averya7x averya7x Oct 23, 2017
I'm not even sure 😂😂 I don't know why but I'm getting strong supernatural vibes. And for some reason I feel like Gabriel would do something like this 😂😂😂😂
Okay, but really Marilyn has like the sexiest smile like I die every time he smiles or laughs ugh 😍💀❤