The O'Connell | Klaus Mikealson

The O'Connell | Klaus Mikealson

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Once Camille O'Connell told the mikealsons she had a sister, yet she never intended for the two families to meet. 
She never intended for herself to fall into the world of supernatural. 
She never wanted her sister to get involved in something that caused so much pain and destruction in her own life, 
because it was a death sentence. 

Then one day Ava O'Connell came home. 
And that unravelled a whole lot of pain, and a whole lot of destruction.
All because, she signed her own death sentence by letting them through the threshold.


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Started around the 20th September 2016

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I agree with the first two comments Chloe  Grace Moretz or Jennifer Lawrence
random_shuck random_shuck Nov 26, 2016
Aw thank you so much 😊 I'll make sure to check your book out 😊
Lickerfish Lickerfish Nov 26, 2016
This book is excellent☺the charachters are amazing and i especially love Cami☺☺☺i alsp love how beautiful ur writing is☺great work here☺can you please check out my book i just updated it please vote for it thank u