Bleed Me A Melody - A Larry Fanfiction

Bleed Me A Melody - A Larry Fanfiction

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Harry Styles. The one kid nobody talks to. He always sits in the back of the classroom, not wanting to be noticed by anyone. Even when he is called on in class, he never speaks. Sometimes in the hallway he could hear people talk about him. Did I forget to mention he's a closet gay? 

Louis Tomlinson. Class clown, and the most popular kid in the school. Girls are always swooning over him, even though he has girlfriend. Like they cared. They all wanted a piece of the "Tommo".

Louis had never noticed Harry until one day he bumps into him in the toilets. He tries talking to him, but Harry says nothing in return. The next day, Louis sits next to him in class, and tries talking to him again. Harry doesn't speak, or even look in his direction.

Will Louis help him break out of his shell? Or would he give up once he sees the consequences of love?


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SebastianRamirez597 SebastianRamirez597 Dec 14, 2017
From him not saying a single word or noise come from his mouth I think it's pretty obvious
That's his business to tell not you! Smh people these days...
lemme just order you a trampoline of amazon real quick, y’know seen as you like jumping to conclusions so much
SebastianRamirez597 SebastianRamirez597 Dec 14, 2017
You don't just tell people someone's dad committed suicide bitch
Seeing all the comments that say hi honestly just make me feel so proud to be a larrie
I had my first sip of beer when I was like 5 6 7? Idk but it was my father's and I was a very curious little girl and since my father will always drink it(still does) I was curious on how it tasted. I thought it will taste like fruit or something but turned out it wan't😂