Bleed Me A Melody - A Larry Fanfiction

Bleed Me A Melody - A Larry Fanfiction

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Harry Styles. The one kid nobody talks to. He always sits in the back of the classroom, not wanting to be noticed by anyone. Even when he is called on in class, he never speaks. Sometimes in the hallway he could hear people talk about him. Did I forget to mention he's a closet gay? 

Louis Tomlinson. Class clown, and the most popular kid in the school. Girls are always swooning over him, even though he has girlfriend. Like they cared. They all wanted a piece of the "Tommo".

Louis had never noticed Harry until one day he bumps into him in the toilets. He tries talking to him, but Harry says nothing in return. The next day, Louis sits next to him in class, and tries talking to him again. Harry doesn't speak, or even look in his direction.

Will Louis help him break out of his shell? Or would he give up once he sees the consequences of love?


can I take that chair and throw it out the school window??? 😀
why he so persistent tho ain't nobody wanna make friends like that
Um just cause he don't talk doesn't mean he don't got ears dude RESPECT
Irl she must be nice to Louis cause she has a gay best friend (they ain't dating honey) but in this story I wanna shove the chair up her ass and for her to go fück  it.
Like a lost smol puppy? 
                              Then what the hell are you waitin for?